About Us

About Us

Registered as TopSale Online with company registration number 2018 / 352130 / 07 and trading as TopSalez.

We offer the best seller to buyer platform free of charge. Customers are able to use our simple purchasing methods which also includes buying from the seller directly. We solely promote local products, best quality and timely deliveries.

TopSalez is a major online distributor of local products. At the moment we are focusing mainly on local clothes, small household items that wouldn’t cost a lot to courier nation wide, hair for ladies and we also promote local events, giving the organizers a platform that is similar to computicket. Customers are able to buy online using direct transfer and debit/credit cards via payfast. Cash on delivery is another option that is limited to certain areas in Gauteng.

We have more than a 100 local brands.

It is as easy as pie to register and start selling with TopSalez, even more easier to setup your account as a buyer and you can also shop without setting up an account if you prefer being an anonymous buyer.

We value quality, on time delivery and customer eccentricity.

Customers are able to use our simple purchasing methods which also includes customizing the size of your items and buying from the seller directly.

Having a vast database of local suppliers gives us the power to tailor make the items for you and ensure a perfect fit.

Follow local trendz from our TopTrendz pages to be informed of new local ideas, styles and brands.



Customer registers with their email address
Logs in
Browse through our local products
Like items for future purchasing such as a wishlist
Add items to cart
Complete delivery address
Pay with our safe payment options
Order sent to supplier immediately for processing
TopSalez collects order from supplier to send to customer or supplier sends directly to customer.


Register as a vendor with TopSalez
Once vendor account has been approved a notification will be sent out.
A link to our videos on how to submit a product the TopSalez way is sent to vendor.
Vendor logs in and adds products
Can edit products and put some of them on special/sale.
Added products need to be approved before being placed online. This helps prevent unsettling images and selling of fake or copied products.
Strictly local items are sold online and preferably made by the owner of the brand.
Products are placed online once approved and vendors can share their store page with potential customers.
Money is sent upfront before a product is released.
Using trusted vendors and vendor ratings from customers will ensure that the payment and delivery process goes according to TopSalez standard.

Our hash tags are #BuyLocal #SupportLocal #TopSalez